Tradición marxista y nuevos problemas

Manuel Sacristán, possibly the most outstanding Spanish Marxist thinker of the second half of the 20th century, was also a pioneer in the introduction of ecomarxism. His extensive and very diverse contribution to Marxist thought was accompanied by an inexhaustible work of translation of fundamental authors of the school, in addition to a committed political militancy from which he opened himself to anti-nuclear and eco-pacifist activism – a sign that would mark, at the international level, a good part of the most prominent Marxists, sensitive to the ecological question, of the time. Many of his interventions in this regard can be found in the compilation of texts Pacifismo, ecología y política alternativa. Among other works, we propose here the reading of his 1983 conference, Marxist Tradition and New Problems, where an outline of an ecological approach to the central questions of Marxist thought was drafted.