Conversation between Jaime Vindel and César Rendueles.

Presentation of Estética fósil. Imaginarios de la energía y crisis ecosocial (Arcadia Editorial, 2020).

Conversation between Jaime Vindel and César Rendueles. Ciudad Abierta Biennial/MACBA.

If the exploitation of fossil fuels was fundamental for the development of the Industrial Revolution, no less important was the creation of cultural imaginaries that instituted a productivist worldview that legitimized ecocidal practices or the colonial extractivist project. In this meeting, Jaime Vindel and César Rendueles will discuss the imaginaries of energy and the ecosocial crisis in an attempt to advance some hypotheses that allow us to reconstruct the aesthetics in the light of the contributions of political ecology, specifically in its ecomarxist aspect. A conversation from which to situate the intersections and tensions generated between the physical dimension and the imaginary dimension of energy, so necessary to articulate for a collective projection of the future.