Lecture at Escola Europea d’Humanitats

Cultura fósil, desarrollo industrial | Actividades CaixaForum Macaya

Within the cycle Present and Future, on January 24 at 18:30 Jaime Vindel presented the conference entitled “Fossil culture, industrial development and ecological crisis”
Three historical moments can help us identify the relationship between fossil modernity and cultural imaginaries. The first is the Industrial Revolution, with the implementation of a new production regime based on the exploitation and domination of labor and nature and heavily dependent on fossil fuels. The second moment, the post-World War II period, when development policies extended industry as a civilizational process to the entire planet. The third, finally, was the rise and fall of the neoliberal project, whose imaginaries have tended to emphasize the supposedly dematerialized (post-industrial and cognitive) character of advanced economies. This account highlights the lines of continuity and discontinuity between these three historical moments, with the intention of generating a critical image of the current ecosocial crisis.
Access here the information of the event and the videos of the presentation.