Workshop “Archives and historical memory of environmentalism in Spain”

This encounter is proposed as a space for working on the history and memory of the environmental movement through its archives. The history of environmentalism in Spain since the early 1970s is a fragmented story that most of the time has been told on a local scale, intermingled with other social and political movements. This is not a surprising situation, given that it responds to the evolution of a movement closely linked to the peculiarities of the corresponding territories. In the field of archives, there is also a high degree of fragmentation of initiatives, precariousness of resources and difficulties in the articulation of projects related to environmental funds. The aim of this conference is to explore a dialogue on two levels: (1) with specialists in environmental history who have conducted their research through archives and (2) through a discussion of different experiences of working developed in archives with an environmental content in Spain.
The working day will be divided into four sessions that will be held online. To follow the sessions it is necessary to access working materials that will be provided upon registration.
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You can access the recorded sessions here.

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