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In this podcast, we talk to Jaime Vindel about art, entropy and economics. We go into museums and petrol stations to understand their materiality. We talk about the universal exhibitions of the 19th century and how the removal of objects from their places of origin is directly linked to the process of environmental degradation. We look at their steel and glass pavilions, and find the concrete. We also discuss coal and oil, the concept of productivity, and the dark underbelly of certain visual imaginaries. By the time we get to today’s eco-social crisis and possible techno-fix and ecofascist solutions, poised on the brink of the precipice, he invites us to abandon apathy, rethink the end of the world, reformat our historical imagination, and transform our ecological outlook.

Conversation: Verónica Lahitte, Albert Tarrats and Anna Ramos. Script: Verónica Lahitte. Production: Albert Tarrats and Anna Ramos. Sound: Aalbers sound library.

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