Visualidades críticas y ecologías culturales

This book comes from a political urgency and an academic space. The urgency is related to the critical juncture that the course of capitalist modernity is going through, immersed in an apparently irreversible dynamic of economic, political, social, cultural and ecological crises that require new analytical and intervention instruments in the intellectual field. As for its inscription in the academic space, it makes use of the scientific protocols of dissemination of the results of a research project funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (Visualidades críticas: reescribiendo las narrativas a través de las imágenes (HAR2013-43016-P), directed by Aurora Fernández Polanco), to carry out a proposal that wishes to remove the university map of artistic and humanities teachings. The publication outlines a research field where the contributions of visual culture and cultural studies converge, drawing an epistemological territory in which the common and the ecological appear as the fundamental variables to think the present time. The essays that make up the book respond to a methodological proposal based on a heuristic relationship between text and image. The “critical visualities” are constituted as a nodal point around which the narratives of history unfold in an allegorical way, but also as singular entities that condense and punctuate those narratives, charging them with affections, excesses and deviations that give them new meanings.

Jaime Vindel (editor)

Brumaria, 2018

388 pages

ISBN: 978-84-949247-1-2

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