Evelia: Testimonio de Guerrero

Against the illegal actions of the mining companies, the Army and the institutions; against intimidation and sexism in her own society, Evelia Bahena García has maintained an intense struggle to protect the natural heritage of her community. This is the moment to tell her story, in which her defense remains warm and still latent. She is the mainstay of a genealogy of social fighters who have seen behind the legislative and economic reforms, the management of ignorance and the use of the armed forces for private ends, the abuse of the community members and the destruction of nature. In the toxic extraction of gold in Guerrero, in the massive machinery, archaeological remains and the future of a fertile territory, prodigal in its flora and fauna, are milled. Through this story, with a documentary prose, a denunciation is also exposed against the existing links between multinational corporations, organized crime and state authorities. The testimony of this woman, an activist, guides the investigation of a sinister reality that has its roots in the history of Mexico and its iniquitous relationship with Canada and the United States.

As a complement, four appendices are offered, where sociologist Elvira Concheiro, journalist Luis Hernández Navarro and researchers on extractivism Letizia Silva and Violeta Núñez Rodríguez expose the complex current and historical panorama of the state of Guerrero, crossed by violence against activists and reforms that give legality to the actions of transnationals.

Akal, 2019

146 pages

ISBN: 978-607-98185-4-8

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