Cine y Sexopolítica

This book is a hybrid device between essay, exhibition catalogue and archive. Through formulas typical of these three narrative registers, it deals with the study of Spanish cinematic sexopolitics. This marginal creative scene was characterised by a constant vital, political, sexual and audiovisual experimentation and was active in several cities in Spain during the political transition in the 1970s and 1980s through the practice of a group of filmmakers, artists and actors. This volume recovers their history, unveils their aesthetic strategies and explores their utopian commitment to political transformation via the sexual liberation they imagined as possible in those years. It also offers a space for contextualising and encountering a wide variety of materials produced in and around the sexual politics of cinema. The aim of the book is to highlight the role of this creative scene in the artistic and political context of the Transition in at least two senses: as a privileged space of sexual liberation for the production of utopian and revolt imaginaries; and as an affective and professional network through which meeting places were formed around cinema based on collective (production, dissemination and reception, but also affective) and self-managed experiences that constituted real alternatives to the dynamics of commercial cinema.

Brumaria, 2020
360 pages
ISBN 978-84-123011-0-6
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