Ecofeminism: Critique, Influence, Change

Vandana Shiva is a leading philosopher, physicist and ecofeminist activist, prominent in placing life at the center of economic, political and social organization, and whose work has addressed issues ranging from food sovereignty to care, justice and sustainability. Maria Mies is a renowned German sociologist, whose contribution within ecofeminism has excelled in the exploration of alternative proposals that allow for the recognition of social reproductive labor within the economy. Together they co-wrote the book Ecofeminism: Critique, Influence, Change, one of the most relevant works in the ecofeminist tradition that synthesizes and systematizes a good part of the most relevant contributions of both authors to the debate, ranging from scientific reductionism to the society-nature divide, the threat of biotechnology, the agricultural question, the decolonization of the Global North or the liberation of women in the Global South.