Workshop “Cápsulas Fuente IV, 2022 Art + Migration + Research”

Cápsulas Fuentes is an annual interdisciplinary project to support artistic research in the form of a research residency, a seminar and an exhibition sponsored by the Library, the Department of Painting and Conservation-Restoration and the Vice-Deanship of Culture of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense University of Madrid. The project aims to support research from contemporary artistic practices from very different angles that are interested in deepening the current problems between humanity, technology and nature. In its fourth edition, in particular, it will address how contemporary art research is involved and reflects on the issues of geopolitics, territorial management and citizenship, the performativity of passage rituals in relation to contemporary migrations, and the affective and social economies caused by current migratory movements, especially in the historical and cultural context of the Mediterranean area.
The exhibition will take place at the Library of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UCM. It will be open to the public between May 6 and 31, 2022.
The seminar will take place in the reading room of the BBAA-UCM Library on May 6, 2022. Aesthetics Fossil participates through the intervention of Jaime Vindel in this seminar.
Click here to access the project program. Download it here.
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